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Aug 20, 2023
Hello and Shalom Everyone!

I’m blessed to have you here with me, and I thank you for your diligence and dedication to your health. The last 20 years have been spent building this protocol. Little did I know that it would all come to this while learning all the different trades and techniques, but for anyone pursuing their dreams we need to realize it was never meant to be fast. In reality, speed is what we accomplish individual tasks with, but longevity and expertise is what we build with continued refinement. Fail, and fail again so that you can create the situational experience to handle whatever comes your way. A perfect line is only perfect until you get shoved off of it, failure is what teaches you to predict the failure coming and avoid it.

The current protocol has been refined many times in order to get the best format for people to understand. It still makes the most sense to have this forum to keep all the tips and tweaks in one place everyone can see.

When you start this process, these are the steps you want to take in order to start properly:
  1. Browse Modern Roots Life Website and get familiar with the site. We are working hard to optimize it for speed and ease of use in the coming months.
  2. Download the Protocol here ▶️ Protocol 1.44 Latest Edition and browse the helpful info in it.
  3. Schedule Your Consult with Josh here ▶️ Free Consult With Josh to go over every question you need to get going. They are generally 1-2 hours.
  4. Download and read Josh’s Water Guide here ▶️ Josh’s Water Guide and Video to make the best water on earth, right at home.
  5. Order what protocol essentials you can here ▶️ Product Essentials To Get Started - The first 8 are vital, but the entire list is full of things that will help.
I know this journey can be overwhelming, but I have found most everyone who reads through the protocol (which is much shorter now haha) get started on this process pretty easily. It has everything including:

  • How to take the products
  • Most all the foods and supplements we need to avoid
  • Foods to include in your diet
  • Diet tweaks to get you feeling great
  • Light and Grounding therapy
  • What I would do if I was sick
  • Fasting tips
  • Sleep tips
  • + More!
We pray this is helpful to get started, but we are here to help if you have questions. Feel free to post comments, questions or suggestions and we will get back to you asap. You can post here, but we also have email at, we have a chat function on the main page of the Modern Roots Life website, and the Telegram live chat will still be going.

Thanks so much everyone!

Josh Truex and The Modern Roots Life Team

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