The Master Cleanse


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Sep 11, 2023
I had questions about the master cleanse and found a guy on YouTube called Nate Muri that went into great detail.
For three days I was eating at night and doing the drinks during the day, but I stopped the cleanse for one day to gather up what I needed and started over the next day not breaking it with any other food till day 16. I did try a tea that he recommended, but I didn't like the way it made my stomach and body feel.

In the first 8 days, I used an immersion blender to breakdown two whole organic lemons. I used two heaping tbsps of the pulped lemon, two tbsps of maple syrup and some cayenne pepper in a cup of water.

For the next 7 days, I juiced 3-5 non-organic lemons and used 2 level tbsps of lemon keeping the rest the same. I was getting 6-9 tbsps of juice from each lemon using a manual glass juicer. I wound up using a half a lemon at a time and typically doing doubles with it freshly juiced.

For the 15 +1 days I started the day with a salt water flush using the ratio of one quart to two tsps.
I didn't start flushing till day 10 and didn't flush every day after that. The first three ish took ~2 hours and 10 minutes to pass.

What are your thoughts?
What level cleanse did I do?

In peace and with experimentalness,
Alton Lamar Goodin

There were days that I added sea salt (from modernroots) to the lemon drink in case the lack of flushing was due to my body yanking up the minerals in the salt water. My body may have needed all that water too because of the heat and maybe other factors.
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Barbara MirYam

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Aug 31, 2023
If you weren't eating at all or taking any other supplements that would be the level 2 cleanse!

What do you mean with flushing? Going to the bathroom? Enema?

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