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Aug 20, 2023
Product Name: 100% Grass-Fed Beef Liver
Product Type: Capsules Only
Capsule Type: Pork Free Bovine Capsule
Product Importance: #1 On The List
Amount To Take Daily: 6-12 Capsules, sometimes more
Do You Start Slow at First: Yes, please follow the instructions below
Dominant Nutrients: Copper and Retinol Vitamin A
Fat-Soluble Nutrients: Yes, please have a meal with fat before
Safe For Pregnancy: Yes, it is our only Pre-Natal recommended
Safe For Breastfeeding: Absolutely! It is a driver of good milk production
Safe For Children: Yes, but a far lower dose, and normally out of the capsule
Safe For Animals: Highly encouraged for dogs, but start low and slow just like we do

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⬇️ Full Instructions and Details Below ⬇️

If you know the Protocol, you know that Copper is the driving force inside of it just like it is the Battery of EVERY Cell in our bodies. It's also true that most people are Low Copper Anemic and not Low Iron Anemic. This is proven by two Nobel winners, those whom I'm standing by for information.

For this work on the therapeutic value of liver in the treatment of pernicious anaemia he was awarded, together with George R. Minot and William P. Murphy, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1934.

Quote From NobelPrize.Org Click HERE To See The Full Article

Many are hearing about their mitochondria and that it's the factory for our energy in the cell. We hear this but we don't really get to hear that Copper is what makes every step of this happen. Copper uses magnesium to create all the energy the body has available to it.

The body runs on enzymes and more than 5000 of the 9000 are driven by Copper. Many women are looking into methylation and all of the over 200 enzymes in it are copper controlled.

In our world of health, the Liver controls the restoration process; and if you want to get your liver functioning better, the best route is to feed it the nutrients that make it run best. Do you know what nutrients the body stores in the liver? Do you know the ratios they are stored in? This is the critical info needed to make a proper decision on what you need for your health journey, but it's not the info you're seeing shot around on the internet videos, and such. That's primarily because the bulk of info we see sent around the internet is just info passed around from one to the next without much change. Very little of it is ever going to be new content.

The main things we need to know about the liver and what's stored in it is this:

Retinol Vitamin A (The REAL Vitamin A not to be confused with Retinyl Palmitate synthetics)
Glycogen (Glucose aka Sugar to simplify)

Copper is balanced and activated by the Retinol Vitamin A
Iron is balanced and activated by the Glucose stored in the liver

This goes along with all the "Yeast" talk where no one understands the metals feed on the sugars while the yeast is trying to control the outbreak of metals in the body. Stop controlling the yeast and get to the root of why the yeast is overgrown. Please also DO NOT consider doing any heavy metal chelation for a year or two. It is violent for anyone who does it and doing the basics of the protocol and cleansing will get a ton of metals out along the way. Once you're stronger then do a metal cleanse, but it's been known to be fatal when people introduce it too soon.

So, we need Copper and Retinol Vitamin A to fuel the liver, and this is why I use Beef Liver as the main product in the protocol outside the most used product, Salt. Beef Liver is highest in Copper but is also highest in Retinol Vitamin A. It does have the iron, but the iron is half what the copper is and this helps the Iron overload to come down while copper and energy production increase. Many people are dealing with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease which primarily comes from Unsaturated fats in the diet, but it also comes from the lack of Bio-Available Copper and Retinol Vitamin A to turn on the Copper. My Dad was able to heal his non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in 6-12 months by using pretty much only Grass Fed Beef Liver capsules.

Grass is the most nutritious thing in the world, you just need the fermentation tank of a Grass Fed animal's stomach to extract the nutrients for us. Grass has 18 times more Vitamin C than an Orange, figure that out! This is why nothing in scripture is talked about more than Grass Fed animals when talking about food.

We want to get you up to taking 2-4 Beef Liver Capsules with each meal. This is why I feel it's very important to have 3 meals a day because Copper and Retinol Vitamin A are FAT Soluble vitamins and require eating a meal with fat before taking them. This is one major thing not taught in the world of supplements. Make sure to have eaten some fats before taking your supplements. Many times clients have to eat, let their food settle, and then take their supplements 15-30 minutes after eating. This helps the fat to get into the system and prevents burping up fat, or seeing it passed when you go to the bathroom.

How do I start taking this?

Beef Liver is the most potent form of nutrients you can take in my humble opinion. Due to the increase it can give the body, we want to start out with the process below to ensure you get the most from your product and enjoy the process as much as possible:

Start out by taking 1 capsule for the first 3 days, then add 1 capsule every 3 days until you reach your desired intake. We generally recommend 6-12 daily but some get up to taking more. It's great for increasing Hemoglobin numbers. Here is what a full schedule would look like:


Day 1-3 - 1 Capsule with first meal
Day 4-6 - 2 Capsules, one with first meal, one with second meal
Day 7-9 - 3 Capsules, one with each meal, 3 meals a day
Day 10-12 - 4 Capsules, one with each meal, but have 2 with the first meal
Day 13-15 - 5 Capsules, one with each meal, but two with the first two meals
Day 16-18 - 6 Capsules, 2 with each meal

Follow this process if you increase past 6 capsules a day.

  • After you have completed your first bag of our Beef Liver capsules, we recommend adding one of "Morley's Recuperate IQ - Copper and Boron" to your BREAKFAST ONLY which will increase your copper by nearly 1.5x a day. This will start to move things out of the liver and increase balance in different areas rapidly. Some may feel they need to start taking it every other day initially. When you decide you want to add more copper capsules after that, we recommend switching to Morley's version of this product without the Boron. It will be out in the next week or so and will be added to the site. I tried taking the recuperate when not taking my other liver capsules and didn't like it. I recommend taking your liver with the Recuperate. We also will have the recuperate without the boron so you can increase your copper intake over time.
I'm sure I will add more to this as we go along, but these are the basics for info and instructions to get most people started.

Please comment with questions or suggestions. Thanks so much!

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Aug 20, 2023
I think this is a huge upgrade over sending out a PDF every time there's an update.
Man brother, I really appreciate you saying that. It's been a long time coming, but very thankful it is here for me to keep everyone filled with the info they need. Much love!


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Aug 20, 2023
Bump to the top for edits and I added Morley's Copper Supplement into the routine. It's pretty hard to believe it makes as big a difference as it does on top of how good the protocol already makes us feel. That's the power of Bio-Available Copper

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