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Aug 27, 2023
What information do we have on Folate and how do we get what we need during pregnancy on the protocol?


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Aug 20, 2023
Hi Sarah! Thanks for the post.

Folate is Natural Vitamin B9 - Folic Acid is synthetic and we want to avoid it like the plague. B Vitamins are rich in our Beef Liver Capsules and our Bee Pollen, but I would take our Beef Liver Capsules upwards of 6-9 a day and then I would take our B Vitamin with Breakfast and Lunch and maybe adding another capsule an hour or so after breakfast and maybe lunch also. This should get you a TON of B-Vitamins. Remember, all methylation and all B-Vitamins are Copper dependant. The number 1 thing the baby drinks in the amniotic fluid the whole pregnancy is Copper and number 2 is Magnesium. Get water and those two right and you make things a lot easier overall. I just posted what a daily schedule looks like in the supplement section you are welcome to check out. Thanks again! Ill check back in if you comment back.
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